Overseas Membership at a Scottish Golf Club

Scotland is the spiritual and historical home of golf. There are more than 550 golf courses many with a very long tradition. Golf is a national sport in Scotland and our golf clubs welcome golfers from around the world who love golf and appreciate the sport to be part of their club.
We at JoinScottishGolf are dedicated to promote golf in Scotland and provide you with information about carefully selected golf courses which offer Overseas Golf Memberships with amazing value and incredible benefits.
It is easy to become a member at a Scottish Golf Club – just check our website and find the right club for you – decide on location, value for money, challenge of golf course – click on the link provided and you come straight to the chosen golf club website and fill in the application. Please use the reference number from our website on your application form and you will get additional benefits.

What do you get:

1. As soon as you paid your membership fee to your chosen club you will receive your Club Membership Card. 

2. In addition and only exclusively available to Scottish golf club members you receive the Scottish Golf Membership Card which will bring you a wide range of rewards and add value to your club membership.

3. Using our reference number you also get 3 free green fees for your guests at your new golf club.


As a member in one of our Scottish golf clubs you are a very welcome visitor at all the other Scottish golf clubs.


Value for money - overseas membership can pay for itself at your first visit. Scotland the Home of Golf with all its history and tradition will enhance your golfing life offering a new level of golfing experience combined with unique landscape and incredible friendly Scottish people.


How much could you save - an example:

Membership per annum  € 150, NO joining fee,
no additional greenfee costs at your new club
+ 3 free Greenfees  á circa € 50  - you save € 150 (for your friends or yourself?)
+ with the Scottish Golf Card :  Play one of the famous Scottish golf courses or many others where the greenfee is normally e.g. € 150 –  with the Scottish Golf Card you often get a 50% discount and you only pay € 75 – you save €75

Get all the information you need and get in touch with the golf clubs through our website

Any questions  please send us an email


Welcome in the 'Home of Golf - Scotland'

A Scottish Golf Club Membership
 is more than a badge - it is your pass to the unforgettable
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