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Black Isle Brewing Company
Black Isle IV8 8NZ
Tel +44 ( 0) 1463 811 871 

We are the UK's premier organic brewery making world class beers from the finest organic malt and hops grown on farms without chemicals, as nature intended.

Based near Inverness, the capital of the Highlands of Scotland, it is our beautiful, unspoilt, unpolluted, wild, and not a little bit wet highland home - and we love it! We have our own organic farm where we grow malting barley for brewing. We even have our own brewery house cow, called Molly, who eats the malt from the brewery mash tun and gives us 20 pints of fresh creamy milk every day.

The Black Isle is famous for the quality of its malting barley and it was here on our farm, at Allangrange, that Sir Roderick Mackenzie recorded, in the Statistical Account of 1790, that the land was first cultivated for growing barley because it was found to be of "superior quality for the brewer and distiller." Thanks Rod!
We started off brewing in a bucket in a shed, in 1998, and basically the bucket has just got bigger. Today we can brew up to 10,000 litres a day packaged in bottles, casks and kegs. We ship beer all over Scotland and the UK, and around the world from Sweden to Japan.

We live, work and brew delicious organic beer at Allangrange, translated from the Gaelic as "a fertile field of corn." We see ourselves and what we do, as a natural link between our traditional cultural heritage and the contemporary craft beer world.


Black Isle Brewery, Rosshire

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