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High Seas Hobbits
Milestone House, Rosehearty
Fraserburgh AB43 6JY
Tel: +44 (0)7954 989737

Email: glamping@highseashobbit.com


If you're looking for the perfect location for a luxury camping holiday, the Hobbits have the answer. Set on top of a hill in the tranquillity of rural Aberdeenshire with dramatic cliff top scenery and stunning views over the Moray Firth, you can enjoy a luxurious camping break in the heart of nature.
High Seas Hobbits offer the best of both worlds to camping enthusiasts. A combination of grassy fields, wild coastal beauty, and an abundance of fresh air with all your home comforts including a soft cosy bed, power points for a hairdryer and bathroom facilities. The Hobbits provide a self contained and fully equipped 'home'.


High Seas Hobbits, Aberdeenshire

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