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Authentic Fair Isle knitwear tradition with a unique identity is the essence of Mati Ventrillon exclusive pieces.

Nedder Taft
Fair Isle
Shetland ZE2 9JU
 +44 (0) 1595 760255


Every Fair Isle garment is more than just technique and knitting; the complex origins and influence of the traditional patterns, combined with island croft life, make them unique.

Each piece of Mati Ventrillon knitwear reflects this heritage. Mati uses only traditional patterns from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Each garment is individually designed; knitted to shape to give the best fit using organic and non- organic 100% Shetland wool; carefully hand-finished; separately washed and traditionally dried on a ‘Woollie Horse’.


Mati Ventrillon, Fair Isle Knitwear

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